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  • Inspiration


      Hey Guys. Maybe this is my worst blogpost-title ever. Or maybe it is just the simplest one. Today I want to show you some of my fellow students. I hope that this is…

    9. Januar 2013
  • Interior

    Jein 2013

      After a long time, I decided to post this one in English. You may know that I have to blog a bit in English because of a lecture during university. So I hope…

    5. Januar 2013
  • Fashion Travel

    Cozy Weekend

    Hey Guys, today I send you cold and cozy greetings from frankfurt. You may know that I am here for visiting toko and the christmas market. It’s a beautiful City, I had the chance…

    9. Dezember 2012
  • Inspiration

    New In November

    Good morning guys! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty good, I spend my time yesterday with lovely blogger friends at düsseldorf. We talked a lot, took pictures, ate mexican things and…

    26. November 2012
  • Inspiration

    New York in your living room

    Hey guys! Hope you had a wonderful week, mine was good but very stressful at all. I had to work from Friday to Sunday (yep – I’m at work while you’re reading this), but…

    11. November 2012
  • Fashion

    Weekly Outfit: The Primark Dress

      Hello Lovers, welcome to my weekly Outfit-Review. Today, it is cold, rainy and I have to work here in Berlin. Last week, I explained why I hated Converse Chucks and why I am…

    4. November 2012