9. Januar 2013


Hey Guys. Maybe this is my worst blogpost-title ever. Or maybe it is just the simplest one. Today I want to show you some of my fellow students. I hope that this is interesting for you, please let me know. Since a couple of month, I blog German and English here on I explained why at THESE BLOGPOST. For a special lesson at the university, I write some posts in English and hope you like them, too. But it is clear that I am not the only person, who blogs in these language during a short periode of time. All of my classmates in „Social Media“ set up a blogspot-blog and they all started blogging and setting up some tweets and comments. I am sure that most of them will close the blog after this semester, but it would be nice if some of them continue with these new hobby. For sure, it is much work. You have to take pictures, edit them, need a special idea to blog about and then there is the fact, that you have to write some good words as well. But it is also fun and passion – at least for me. And in some way, I am a bit proud of all the new blogs, so I decided to tell you about some of them. Maybe you – my lovely readers – find some blogpost you like or laugh about. So please tell them, comment on it and visit the blog again. I know how hard it is to start blogging without getting any comments or feedback. And please notice, that they are fresh starters. 

FIRST: You love food? You could sleep or eat the whole day and being hungry sucks? Than visit Pias blog. It is a food blog with very good looking pictures and meals. I am always hungry when I visit her blog. Okay, this is normal for me because I can always eat. True story, if my stomach wouldn’t be such a hungry bitch, I would look like a supermodel with super tiny legs and so on (haha!). Pias blogposts are full with lovely recipies and step by step instructions. I am sure that all of you – even if you scorch water – can cook some of her meals. I will test the chinese one soon with my roommates.
SECOND: No meal, but music? Always searching for new musicians or talents? Oh, and you love the sound of an guitar and a sweet girly voice behind it? So take a look at Kims blog. I think it is very very brave, to post youtibe-videos of yourself while singing. I guess that kim doens’t know how nice her voice is and I hope to hear more and that she will continue blogging after the lesson ends. The Ed Sheran cover is my favourite video, and what about you?
THIRD: Beauty is your passion? Never go out without some make-up?You know all limited editions of Essie or MAC Cosmetics before anyone else? „Haul“ and „Swatches“ are no loanwords for you? Than there is lovely Lisa with her beautyblog. Giving you advices about make-up and a bit fashion as well, I really like her intension and passion behind the posts. She is addicted to all the girly stuff and wants to share her hobby with you. You also find some videos or tutorials on the blog!


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